Ducati Riding Experience

the platform for the DRE Academy courses (Racetrack and Enduro) will be available as an exclusive preview for  DOCs starting from Tuesday 22nd January 2019.

Also this year for DOC members there are special conditions, for the following courses:
  • DRE Racetrack Academy:
​​The discount reserved to DOC members is 20% on each course, except for Champs Academy Course.
The discount codes cannot be combined:
DOC members will have the possibility to buy only one 20% discounted course.
Places are limited!
The total amount of the discounts reserved to DOC members is restricted,
so it would not be possible to purchase discounted courses, once the amount will be over.
  • DRE Enduro Academy:
​As a benefit for DOC members, the compulsory riding gear for the course will be free (approx. € 150).
Booking procedure
DOC members will have to:
  • ​​Go to website: club.ducatiridingexperience.com
  • ​Choose the experience, between Racetrack and Enduro
  • ​Enter in the dedicated fields:
    • ​​​the Ducati Club Code
      DOC000355 Incontro Ducati Mainz
​​If you do not know it, refer to the attached table and communicate it to interested members.​ This is the code that identifies the DOC, not the single member, for this reason Ducati will have the right to cancel the reservation in the case of the registered person is not an active member of that club. If this happens the discount will be reserved for the first name available on the waiting lists.
Best regards